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2023 is already proving to be an incredible year. With the launch of ChatGPT, it seems like innovations are coming at us fast and furious. But the question you need to ask yourself is: How are you going to use these advancements to your advantage?

With our A.I. Marketing Accelerator course, you'll learn how to harness advanced techniques like Advanced Prompting, OpenAI API connections, automations, and more to streamline your content marketing, optimize your SEO, and even automate your entire POD e-commerce store.

This course is an ever growing library of all things A.I. that will keep you up-to-date and will enable you to always implement the newest A.I. Strategies into your business. Grab it today:

This course normally goes for $997. This is a one time offer that will only last until the end of this week. Move fast or miss the opportunity.

A.I. is rapidly replacing routine tasks.

Are you a designer or a copywriter? You might already be worried about the future. But what if you're a content marketer, SEO specialist, or even an HR advisor? You should still be concerned! A.I. can easily and quickly perform tasks that you currently do manually.

"But am I going to lose my job soon?" No, of course not! Not you, at least. It's important to learn how A.I. works so you can leverage it to your advantage. Tools like ChatGPT don't work on their own; someone has to know how to write the right questions or "prompts" and how to get the most out of it. The demand for "Prompt Engineers" will explode in the coming years!

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Image generated by Midjourney AI

dennissanchez_modern_minimalistic_landingpage_design_for_AI_cou_6ad58105-7e24-4705-97c8-718ca44855b6-min png

Landingpage design generated by Midjourney AI


The new developments in A.I. allow us as humans, employees, or entrepreneurs to produce much more output than before. It's a tool that maximizes what we already know and can do.

There are already companies that welcome 4x more visitors to their blog because of A.I. automation, or entrepreneurs who make more sales because of product creation automation. YouTube creators let A.I. write their video script outlines to have a nice foundation to work on. What will you use it for?

This course normally goes for $997. This is a one time offer that will only last until the end of this week. Move fast or miss the opportunity.



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Founder of Unleash University & Wealth Consulting.

Internationally recognized Internet Marketing Strategist. Social Media Expert, Ecom Brand Builder & Funnel Hacker.

I'm a Internet Marketing geek. Someone that can't stop testing different ad creatives, is the first to jump onto new platforms and opportunities and have done every existing online business model on the planet. 

Started out as a social media manager at T-Mobile and quickly went on to start my own marketing agency. Now I help entrepreneurs, coaches and course creators to scale their brand to 6, 7, and 8 figures by leveraging tools like A.I., funnels and lead generation.

This course is an evergrowing library of all things A.I. and I'll record videos on all new things I discover so you can benefit as well!


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LRG_DSC05800 jpg

A.I. automation masterclass

6 (1).png


What is AI and what can you do with it? Learn how to use the tools (which have only been publicly available for 3 months!) and get a head start in the market and over your competition.

7 (1).png


A.I. can already take care of many tasks. Learn how to automate these tasks. Things like writing blogs, SEO optimization, landing page design, and much more.

8 (1).png

advanced prompting

Why does one person get bizarre results with A.I. and another doesn't? The key is in how we communicate with A.I. Learn Advanced Prompting and maximize your results!


We'll immerse you in the world of A.I. You'll not only learn about the leading platforms, but also how to use these tools to perform concrete tasks. Think of:

  • Blog/SEO:¬†Writing SEO-proof articles with A.I.
  • ‚ÄčIdeation: Developing a content strategy with A.I.
  • ‚ÄčConcepting:¬†Make a mock-up for a landing page or create images for your sales page with A.I.
  • ‚ÄčAdvanced prompting: Learn how to write high-quality prompts (questions / requests to the A.I.)
  • ‚ÄčWebshop automation: Let A.I. write your product photos, title, and description, then push everything to your Shopify Store, Etsy Store, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • ‚ÄčExclusieve strategie√ęn¬†to maximize your results with A.I.

As you can see, there are thousands of ways to apply A.I.! In the A.I. Marketing Accelerator course we'll show you how to use this to your advantage.

This course normally goes for $997. This is a one time offer that will only last until the end of this week. Move fast or miss the opportunity.

prompthero-prompt-d44262c672d webp

Generated by Midjourney AI. Prompt: 

Bengal cat, yellow expressive eyes, bright day, sunny day, realistic hair, photogyperrealism, lots of fine detail, hyper detail, ray tracing, realistic, Cinematic, neon light, lantern, third person view, natural textures, natural hair, photography, natural light, Nikon D750, 8K, HDR --q 2 --ar 9:16

prompthero-prompt-c7f8032a2b2 webp


This is the power of generative A.I. The photo is hardly distinguishable from a real portrait photo! But to get the photo like this requires quite a bit of skill. One person gets a half-baked sketch, while the other gets a photo-realistic result.

The difference lies in Advanced Prompting. To get the most out of A.I., you need to feed it the right information. This is what we call advanced prompting. There are different techniques for providing context in which such an image can be generated. The prompt for this image was:

detailed and realistic portrait of a woman with a few freckles, round eyes and short messy hair shot outside, wearing a white t shirt, staring at camera, chapped lips, soft natural lighting, portrait photography, magical photography, dramatic lighting, photo realism, ultra-detailed, intimate portrait composition, Leica 50mm, f1. 4

In the A.I. Marketing Accelerator Course, we'll teach you the way of prompting that developers use to provide the A.I. with all the data it needs to produce remarkable results that will amaze you!

This course normally goes for $997. This is a one time offer that will only last until the end of this week. Move fast or miss the opportunity.


Become an A.I. Expert and make your business future-proof. In the A.I. Marketing Accelerator Course we'll transfer all of our knowledge about Artificial Intelligence to you. Are you ready to learn everything about A.I.? Get access to the course for the lowest price ever!

This course normally goes for $997. This is a one time offer that will only last until the end of this week. Move fast or miss the opportunity.

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